Mannerim Memorial Indigenous Gardens - History Boards

History boards have been installed at the Memorial to highlight the history of World War 1 and the soldiers from the area who served.  Visitors can access the information by scanning the QR codes on the boards.  There are ten information headings - listed below with links to the relevant web page.

  1. Why did World War One happen?
  2. Battles of World Ware One
  3. ANZAC and Gallipoli and the Lone Pine, Le Hamel
  4. The people who served from the Mannerim area
  5. Life on the Home Front 1914-1918
  6. The LightHorse Brigade
  7. Songs, poems and stories of World War One
  8. The Mannerim Memorial : the hall, the people
  9. After the War
  10. The Memorial Garden, design and plants

 Please note these pages are still under development


Work in Progress