Online Membership Payment

Membership is for the period, 1 July one year to 30 June the next year. (If you join late in one financial year, your membership will be valid for the following year.)

A BLG membership offers the following benefits :

  • The opportunity to be part of a supportive community of environmentally-aware people.
  • Support & feedback from our Landcare facilitator
  • Allows the purchase of indigenous plants from our Nursery
  • Regular and informative newsletters
  • Potential grant funding eligibility
  • Opportunity to volunteer at the Nursery
  • Voting rights at the AGM

Membership Plans

Regular Membership


For residential property owners on properties of less than one hectare

Rural Membership


For those more rural properties greater than one hectare (for one or two members).

Concession Membership


Idealy for our nursery volunteers and concession card holders