Wetlands "Ramsar" Convention

The wetlands of Swan Bay are of international significance, being listed as part of the International “Ramsar” convention.

The “Ramsar Convention” is an intergovernmental treaty with more than 160 parties committing to maintain the “ecological character” of their wetlands. Originally signed in 1971 (Ramsar, Iran) it currently lists approx. 2100 “Wetlands of International Importance” including 65 in Australia.

Swan Bay, Lake Connewarre and Reedy Lake form part of the Port Phillip Bay (Western Shoreline) and Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar Site.

Continued loss of wetland habitats adds pressure to the species that depend on them for survival.

The Bellarine wetlands are of significant value in terms of providing habitat, refuge and feeding grounds for wildlife including threatened and endangered bird species. Thousands of migratory birds which inhabit these wetlands fly in from as far away as Russia and Alaska. These birds link us to other parts of the world through their migratory paths. The wetlands they rest in along the way are one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world.

The Bellarine’s hills, remnant woodlands, coastal foreshores, rural, residential and industrial areas are intrinsically linked to the surrounding wetlands and marine environments. Land management activities in these surrounding catchment areas make a major impact on the wetlands and the survival of these bird species.

BLG is committed to preserving the wetland habitats by protecting and enhancing the surrounding catchment areas with education, revegetation, weed eradication and other projects such as the Bellarine Ark 2 (Fox Control).