Where is Sproat's Hole?

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Report from BLG on Sproat’s Hole

Sproats' Hole dry..

The site is maintained by the City of Greater Geelong which means that it is regularly slashed. This is not sufficient maintenance and certainly will not restore the natural environment.

As can be seen in the picture above, the waterhole dies out periodically. This is natural but there appears to be a significant build-up of silt and this would be partly caused by not having sufficient and suitable ground-cover around the waterhole. Dense plantings of appropriate Indigenous vegetation should help with this problem.

This site has remnant Red Gums that probably predate white men in the area. They are at risk first because the waterhole dies out but also because they have no woodie debris around their base which is necessary for their health. Fencing around these trees would significantly help them in the future.

The site is very exposed which makes it unsuitable as habitat or refuge for birds. BLG considers it needs a selection of plants that are good bird food and are likely to recruit naturally across the reserve. The plants should be chosen based on their ability to live with regular slashing.  Plants need to be guarded until they reach the first fruiting/seeding stage.  

BLG would like to see a number of local mid-storey trees and shrubs with larger stakes and planted strategically so as not to interfere with the slashing program too much (amongst smaller Red Gums or in line with them.)

BLG has consulted with City Of Greater Geelong in the hope they will be able to do some significant earthworks in the near future to remove some of the silt in the waterhole. Given sufficient plantings, the water should stay in the hole for most if not all of the year.



This is a record of Sproat as a landholder in 1849.

1849 Directory 18