Environmental Best Management Practice (EBMP)

EBMP or Environmental Best Management Practices is a ground up approach to the environmental management of rural properties and is available for large and small property holders. It encourages all landholders to adopt Best Management Practices to achieve more sustainable farms.

EBMP starts with setting goals that will gradually improve both your business and the environment.

Over 3,000 farmers in Victoria have been involved with EBMP since 2002 - run by Dept Primary Industries, Catchment Management Authorities , Vctorian Farmers Federation and Landcare.

The program involves

  • Self assessment of your property – identifying good points, areas that need improvement, and personal priorities
  • Action Planning – deciding what to do and how to do it
  • Monitoring and Recording – to assist along the way

EBMP is online with workbooks and CD also available. It includes the Fire and Greenhouse information as well as traditional Whole Farm Planning and an introduction to Industry Standards or EMS Certification (Environmental Management Systems) – but EMS Certification and Standards are outside the scope of EBMP.

Bellarine Landcare Group will ensure you are provided with all the help you need to develop your action plans. You may even qualify for a funding grant to help achieve some of your priorities.

For further information see Environmental Farm Planning