Bellarine Blitz! - Jazzed up Working Bees

We are excited to encourage you to engage with our new working-bee concept - the Bellarine Blitz!.

Sounds pretty jazzy! The first Blitz was held on Sunday 24 May, 9:30am - 1 pm in Moolap and we managed to have people helping a 'neighbour' spread mulch ...  If you'd like to help someone else, and then, maybe, have others help you, join the Bellarine Blitz! brigade.

What exactly is a Bellarine Blitz?

It's an opportunity to share the knowledge and labour of environmentally sustainable outcomes on the Bellarine Peninsula. Based on the very successful urban Permablitz model, people who participate in a Bellarine Blitz! three times will then have the possibility of holding a Blitz at their home garden or property.

Why participate?

Our aims are simple - working together to protect and improve the biodiversity of the Bellarine Peninsula, control pest plants and animals and look at sustainable food production. And, particularly, to provide a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Yoiur help might make a task possible for someone who otherwise could not manage it.

What do you need to do as a participant?

Check the date, time and location of a Blitz!, register (we need to know numbers in advance) and come along with gloves, sunscreen, whatever and perhaps some small handtools (each Blitz1 will tell you what is to happen and what you might need. Tools, expertise, etc will be available at the site and you will be offered morning tea and a light lunch. Work will be scheduled from 10.00 am to 12.30pm.

How do I host a Blitz!?

Once you have worked in 3 Blitz!, you will be eligible to host your own. You will need to check a date with BLG Facilitators to make sure one of them, or another BLG Committee person, can be present; tell them what you want people to do to help, and make sure there will be time, the right equipment, etc., and advertise your event.

On the day, you will need to have the materials and equipment ready (maybe getting isome from the BLG in advance), provide morning tea and a light lunch for participants. You may invite people to stay after lunch and do some more work - that is up to you and them ...

The Facilitators will publish the event on the BLG website and send  message to people registered for Blitz!. A BLG rep will come and help with OH&S matters and advice during the two-hour session.

Register your name as a potential Blitzer will receive an email telling you of up-coming Blitz! in case you don't see the notices on the calendar on the Homepage.