The Bellarine Rail Trail

The Bellarine Rail Trail provides a continuous link of indigenous vegetation between Geelong and Queenscliff.  This link, measuring approximately 30km is the best continual vegetation link on the Bellarine. It contains significant remnant vegetation, threatened plants and supports diverse wildlife.

With the support of sponsors, partners and the community, the Bellarine Landcare Group helps to run regular activities to protect and revegetate the Bellarine Rail Trail.railtrail412

Activities include :-

Tackling Weeds :- Weeds such as gorse and watsonia threaten the local indigenous plants. Extensive effort continues to be put into reducing these and other invasive plants such as Flax Leaf-broom, SpinyRush and Fennel.

Reducing Rabbit Population :- With funding from the Commonwealth Government Envirofund Grant, considerable effort has been put into rabbit burrows eradication and reducing non-indigenous plants that provide harbour to rabbits.

Planting Days :- In conjunction with the Community, Corporations and Schools, regular Revegetation days are held on the Rail Trail. Revegetation is not just about trees – for an ecosystem to be effective ground cover, native grasses and understorey are all needed. Involving partners and community not only allows a greater area to be revegetated but builds links with the local community and increases appreciation of the local environment.

Wildflower Walks:- During Spring, regular Wildflower Walks were held showcasing the wonderful array of wildflowers on the Bellarine. These sessions are open to everyone and provide an insight into recent plantings, weed control and interpretation of vegetation types.

Species Identification :- The area contains many significant species on the Bellarine Peninsula including, Chocolate Lillies, Golden Moths, Bulbine Lillies, Leopard Orchid, Rice Flower, Kangaroo Grass and others. A comprehensive list is being developed of the indigenous plants growing on the Rail Trail. In addition, a wonderful array of birdlife can be seen near the Rail Trail – watch out for Whistling Kite, Flame Robin, Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Superb Fairy-wren, Brown Falcon, Common Bronzewing, Red-rumped Parrot, White-fronted Chat, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Grey Butchbird

Enviro Bike Rides :- Prior activities have included organised “Enviro Bike Rides” - gentle ride along the Bellarine Rail Trail stopping at several key points. During the ride leaders stopped to identify various values and issues on the Rail Trail and Bellarine Peninsula including, birdlife, indigenous vegetation, wetlands, Yarram Creek, revegetation projects, weed issues and control. A unique way to and learn more about the environmental value of the Bellarine Rail Trail and learn how to help to preserve it.

Watch out in our “News and Events” section for any upcoming Rail Trail activities.

We gratefully acknowledge our partners : Bellarine Catchment Network, Friends of the Bellarine Rail Trail, Australian Government : Caring for Our Country, VicTrack, Corangamite CMA, Victorian State Government, Cotton on Foundation, Borough of Queenscliff, City of Greater Geelong, and Bellarine Secondary College.