Bellarine Landare Group Activities

BLG Volunteers 20 BLG  conducts a range of activities all focussed on helping to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment of the Bellarine Peninsula. 

Whether it be field days, short courses, weed and pest removal or social events, out activities are very "people" focussed.

Our Indigenous Nursery (a joint initiative with Bellarine Secondary College) relies on a loyal crew of volunteers, produces over 60000 seedlings per year.

Rail Trail 200

Tree planting and field days are held throughout the year.  In particular, a major re-vegetation project along the Bellarine Rail Trail between Swan Bay Road and Andersons Road has been undertaken - focussing on tackling weeds and rabbits, as well as planting native grasses, ground cover and trees.

The Environmental Best Management Practice (EBMP) program provides a "ground up approach to the environment management of rural properties". This program is designed for landowners to identify, monitor and potentially challenge their existing practices.

More detailed information on these, and other BLG activities, coming soon....