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BLG Action Plan 2014 (Summary)

Objective 1 : To engage the broader community in an inclusive manner.

This will be achieved by focussing on;

  • Providing a range of engagement activities, suitable for all. 


Objective 2 : To provide educational opportunities to the broader community.

This will be achieved by;

  • Providing up to date information to the broader community to increase knowledge of environmental issues on the Bellarine Peninsula.
  • Providing up to date training to Landcare members and the broader community to equip them with practical skills in the environment sector.
  • Conduct the Environment Best Management Practice program (EBMP) to Landcare members, and successful grant applicants.


Objective 3 : To undertake a wide range of projects on public and private land.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing stewardship for famers, enhancement of natural resources and sustainable land management practices for the long term.
  • Establishing 9kms of biodiversity corridors, linking old with new.
  • Establish a further 40 hectares of indigenous vegetation on private land.
  • Identifying key pest plant species for control.
  • Identifying key, pest animal species for control.


Objective 4 : For all projects to be effectively resourced.

This will be achieved by:

  • The Development of a business plan that will be used to attract financial support.
  • Obtaining ongoing project funding through a variety of stakeholders.
  • Ensuring there is ongoing funding to support one paid staff position to support Landcare facilitation across the Bellarine Peninsula.


Objective 5 : For the Bellarine Landcare Group Inc. to remain transparent and accountable.

This will be achieved by:

  • Updating the strategic plan on a four yearly basis.
  • Updating the action plan annually.
  • Providing members with access minutes from the general meeting including financial reports.
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